SINCE 1986

Bangbae KIMBAP

We provide a uniform taste with our systematic system and
manualized cooking recipes, and perfect logistics with the best food material distributors in Korea.
Also, we manage franchises with continuous franchise management, communication,
and differentiated marketing.

01 Contact / Inquiry about Store Open

Homepage / Phone / Visit to headquarter

02 Consultation

Conditions / Place / Cost / Various matters / Disclosure Document / Franchise Agreement /p>

03 Analysis of Area

Analysis of Area, Investment, Rival Companies / Check Licensing & Approval System

04 Agreement

Agreements of Lease, Franchise, Interior, Open Process

05 Interior Construction

Store Measurement / Completing blueprint / Construction Planing, Demolition, Construction, Supervision / Furnishing Kitchen Equipments / Trial Run

06 Training

Hiring / Trainings of Store management, Service, and Cooking

07 Store Open

Licensing / Final Check & Feedback / Public relations & Promotion / Recipe Check / Opening

08 Supervising

Regular supervisor visits / Management guidance and pointing out problems / Solutions