SINCE 1986

Bangbae KIMBAP

Stir-fry fried tofu with its own recipe to make it taste like "unimitable" beef and add various vegetables and
Wando seaweed that makes healthy kimbap that vegetarians and vegans can enjoy.

we are Korea's No. 1 franchise in this field!

Trade Joe's frozen kimbap, which has recently become a hit in the United States, is fried tofu kimbap.

Bangbae kimbap has been supplying fried tofu kimbap for generations since 1986,
and has maintained its reputation as a master of fried tofu kimbap in Korea.

“We are making the globalization of KIMBAP.”

30 years of making ‘Fried tofu KIMBAP’ that has been handed down through generations, BANGBAE KIMBAP is the most famous Fried tofu KIMBAP Brand and one of the top 3 KIMBAP in the Republic of Korea.

BANGBAE KIMBAP that was chosen as the master of KIMBAP in the TV program “SBS 최강달인(Best Master)”, through the know-how which was accumulated over a long period of time and professional chef, we created a new premium KIMBAP brand “Bangbae KIMBAP”.

BANGBAE KIMBAP offers a variety of KIMBAP menus and best dishes, we will grow into a brand that is recognized by people all over the world beyond Korea.

Our brand has appeared on various broadcasts such as KBS, SBS, and MBC

Premium KIMBAP that pursues Well-being and Substantiality

KIMBAP dishes served with carefully selected ingredients by a professional chef

Various KIMBAP menus and other dishes with sincerity