Bangbae KIMBAP

Choosing ‘Bangbae KIMBAP’ is a laying the foundation of success.


30 years of making ‘Fried tofu KIMBAP’ that has been handed down through generations, BANDBAE KIMBAP is the most famous Fried tofu KIMBAP Brand and one of the top 3 KIMBAP in the Republic of Korea.


KIMBAP filled with good ingredients and flavors

“Kkoma(Mini)” KIMBAP

“Kkoma(Mini)” KIMBAP that can be easily eaten by anyone of all ages


The representative Korean snack that everyone likes

Rice and Noodles

Deliciously healthy rice and noodles that are well cooked and boiled to add speciality

Franchise Service

Accession agreement and
Set up of business are
‘the beginning, not the end’.

Bangbae KIMBAP helps you completely from
the start of your business to operation and feedback.